A Hat in the Heat

What kind of nut, you may well ask,  casts on a worsted weight cable-y wool hat in 100° weather?  Residents of The Old Pueblo who realize a)  hats are nice and small and won’t drag on the lap, and b)  it’s cooled off 10 degrees from two days ago, so best take advantage of the cold snap.

Nota Bene:  the hat is for my daughter, who leaves this weekend for camp and a visit with her Aunty in Portland,  Oregon.   Portland– that bit of the country that never seems to realize that it is, in fact, summer, and continues blithely dripping chilly drizzle upon its inhabitants regardless of the date on the calendar.  Hence her need for a warm hat in June, and my casting one on in spite of the quizzical looks of passers-by.   No matter–  it will be done by Friday,  and I can go back to my fingering-weight cardigan of cool, aqua blue silk noil…

The start of an Antler Hat, by TinCanKnits, in Universal Yarn Delux Worsted Wool in the lovely, coppery Russet colorway. A near match, in fact, for the copper roof of the Casino del Sol I can see from my outdoor seat at the golf club house.

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