I dream of yarnbombing – Dreamer 2017

Artist Yarn Bombs Santa Barbara Mountains from Chelsea Lyon on Vimeo.

Yarnbomber is coming to Tucson!

Stephen Duneier aka The Yarnbomber is working on a new project for right here in Tucson. Now, we have yarnbombing in Tucson, and we love it, but this is on a whole ‘nother scale. When Stephen dreams he dreams big!

In  January, 2017 Stephen will be giving a TEDxTucson talk AND he’s creating a couple of installations for Tucson. His work, collaborative in nature, usually covers trees and rocks, massive landscapes adorned with yarn that draws people out into nature, this project, Dreamer 2017, invites us to explore in a different way, and it’s going to be great.

To create these large installations requires a massive collaborative input from yarn lovers and fiber artists far and wide, from creating pieces to stitching them together this is a community event. Yarnie pieces of love are already finding their way to Stephen and to Tucson and we’re going to be hosting a knit-in/crochet party on September 17th to kick off this fantastic adventure here in Tucson. The call is going out wider than that though, even if you’re not in Tucson  you can be part of the bomb squad too check out Stephen’s website.

Okay, back to work. You go sign up now!

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