Packing and travel tips for knitters with yarn addictions

If the first thing you do when planning a trip is sort out what local yarn stores are in the vicinity of your destination, or if the destination is dictated by the yarn possibilities, this post is for you.

WARNING: Enabling ahead

You could accuse me of enabling your travel yarn purchases in order to mitigate the egregious gluttony of yarn shopping that I just engaged in while back in Blighty aka the ol’homeland aka the United Kingdom…and you’d be absolutely bleeding right.

Where is it all going to go?

In my defense, I had help! Countess Ablaze aka Lyndsey and her Saturday knit crew, Louise Scollay of Knit British, Jess of Ginger Twist Studio and Kathy of Kathy Knits should all be ashamed of themselves leading me astray. (My gratitude and thanks to you all for helping me have a knitastic vacation.)

So without further ado here are my packing suggestions for a yarntastic travel stash building trip:

  1. Martyr yourself and pack for the whole family

    Take control of packing your suitcases (and everyone else’s if you’re traveling as a family ) to maximize potential yarn space.  Remember suitcases are expandable for a reason and pajamas are optional (and take up space).

  2. Be your ever generous self

    Bring gifts for family, or hosts, or strangers on the streets. Perhaps even knitted gifts. Once the gifts are distributed you’ll have more space in your suitcase for yarn.

  3. Be prepared

    Remember the old scout motto, be prepared? Got a child, be a good role model, make sure to pack extra disposable diapers for the little one. Sure you could buy some at your destination, sure  but this way you free up more space in your return luggage.

  4. Vacuum Pack

    This brilliant suggestion came from Lyndsey of Countess Ablaze when I confided I might not have enough space left in my suitcase. Vacuum packing, a brilliant idea.

  5. Limit your travel WIPs

    C’mon you know you do it too. It isn’t just me. Right? The temptation is always to take at least a few works in progress, after all what happens if you finish one? How often do you actually get to them? Remember you need the space for yarn stash expansion.

    One last word on where to stay, or rather three – location, location, location.
    Just as with real estate, establishing your base of operations close to your yarny destinations is critical. If your trip isn’t purely for yarn and knitting, or at least your travel companions aren’t aware of your mission, then balance the official purpose of your trip with your secret yarn mission. A nice view of some iconic scene should suffice, “Why honey, look at the fabulous view from our room. We should climb up Calton Hill and take a look at the city from up there. Oh, was that a yarn shop just down the street? Maybe I’ll swing by on the way back down.”

    Safe yarny trips from me to you – Rachel


Location TangeKnital
How did that happen? Our apartment in Edinburgh is midway between Ginger Twist Studio & Kathy’s Knits. Just a few minutes walk either way. Hey lookie there, it’s Calton Hill.



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