Yarnbombing Tucson – All you knit/crochet is love

Once or twice a week I make my way downtown to the other side of the train tracks to Rail Yard where TEDxTucson resides, to open packages of yarn love. The packages come from Finland, Spain and Australia, even from my hometown of Liverpool, UK and from states and provinces across North America. The yarn love comes in the form of flowers, hearts, butterflies, blankets, intricate crochet work, and bold alien hangings. Fiber artists, knitters and crocheters send their work to be included in the yarnbombing of Tucson, a project called Dreamer 2017, undertaken by Stephen Duneier of Yarnbomber.com.

Every.single.time I open a parcels  it is like Christmas morning. It’s like delving into the stocking before the parents wake to find treasures of love – love to our town, love to Stephen, love to fellow crafters, love to the craft, love to communities. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of my fellow crafters, giving their time, their yarn, their work for a project they will probably only ever see in pictures, never in real life. We (Tucson) are being wrapped in a warm blanket of love by people we may never meet, may never know, but who are reaching out nonetheless.

Looking at these creations is also teaching me, humbling me. I’m an admitted yarn snob. I like natural fibers, locally sourced, spun and dyed yarn, and I love my sheep to skein stories. The fiber aspect of knitting is a large part of the attraction to the craft for me. I love my/any lys, with it’s fancy yarns, and invest heavily in them.  And there is nothing wrong with that. But as I open these parcels with breath taking gasps of wonder, I’m reevaluating my aversion to acrylic yarn and to fun fibers. Whether it’s acrylic or cotton, wool or any other material these creations are scrumptious. Each item is beautiful, and crafted with so much love. I am in awe at my fellow knitters and crocheters. You’re beautiful people.

Yesterday evening, knitters and crocheters met for the 2nd time to spend a few hours admiring the work already sent, and working on our own contributions for the project. It was, as previously, a whole lot of fun, but we’ve got yet more work to do. Won’t you join us? Knit or crochet with us? When the time is right, help us assemble pieces, create structures, find mannequins? Our next All You Knit/Crochet is Love Party is Saturday, November 12th at 1pm. More information and to RSVP to All You Knit/Crochet is Love right here. 

I’m going to be try and be better about posting, I’ve been putting it off as sitting on my computer are at least two podcasts that need final edits so they can go live.

May the yarn be with you!

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  1. YayI I see my hula hoop dream catchers! Thanks for choosing them for the picture.


    1. TangeKNITal says:

      My daughter absolutely loved those.


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